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    Affmeter has been honored by being short listed for The Affiliate Marketing Awards under “Best Third Party Tool” Category. The winners will be announced on April 12, 2011 at the W Hotel in San Francisco. 350 affiliates and industry veterans will join this spectacular event .


    First of all, we would like to thank you to all our loyal user base and Affmeter Fans! Their support and encouragement always pushes us forward to develop more and find new ways of solutions for the problems. Actually, Affmeter is not only a statistical tool for affiliate marketers to aggregate their network commissions and clicks into one dashboard, but it is also an analytics tool to be able to make performance comparisons over time . Affmeter’s unique customized features separates its from other tools and adds more value for an affiliate to use Affmeter.


    We are more than happy to make contributions for our industry and help set up higher standards for the future of Performance Marketing.

    Our aim is to produce cutting edge solutions for Affiliate Marketing Industry . So our memento is only on innovation and creativity. Affmeter is continuing to develop new solutions and will be excited to announce the launch of new project in Summer 2011 in Affiliate Summit East 2011, NYC.

    The Judges of The Affiliate Marketing Awards are all recognized names, innovators, and industry shapers:

    • Shawn Collins (Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit),
    • Jay Weintraub (Founder of LeadsCon),
    •Joseph Morin (CEO & Co-Founder of Social Rewards),
    • Peter Bordes (Founder CEO and Chairman of the Board of MediaTrust),
    • Oliver Roup (Co-founder and CEO of VigLink),
    • Steve Hall (Co-founder of MarketingVOX, co-founder of the ad:tech),
    • Deborah Carney (Founder of Team Loxly a Personalized Affiliate Management and Consulting),
    • Brian Nelson (Chief Executive Officer of Trancos, Coreg Media and Adfish)

    Join this event and celebrate innovation and progress all together with the respectful names of our Industry in San Francisco April 12, 2011.

    Year 2011 has been started with a fresh news regarding a much anticipated event for Affiliate Marketing in North America: “The Affiliate Marketing Awards which will be held 12th of April, 2011 in San Francisco at the W Hotel”.


    Affiliate Marketing is a rapidly developing segment of Internet Marketing dating back to Amazon’s first initiatives to commission people who would like to promote Amazon’s books and CD’s via their own sales channels such as web sites or web portals. I can remember how I was surprised and excited to get my first $150 check from Amazon in 1998. It was a revolutionary business model for internet entrepreneurs and marketing executives like me who would like to experience the benefits of the internet and grow up alongside with it.

    Since then lots of things have been changed. Affiliate Marketing becomes an industry together with its affiliate networks, merchants, affiliate marketers, ad networks, conferences, third party solution providers and industrial association (Performance Marketing Association).

    Increasing volume of affiliate marketing’s share in online marketing, technological developments and expanding number of industrial visionaries and gurus are giving us hope about the future of our industry.

    However, Affiliate Marketing becomes a target point of tax applications for many of the US States . Unfortunately  State Governments can not appreciate the development path of an industry which is at its infancy. Many of them are just trying to kill the process by imposing advertising taxes which in return causing moving affiliates from the states and closing of affiliate programs by merchants. In fact the cycle is by contrast destroying the future stream of  income tax.

    It is just time to attract attention, gain public exposure and sympathy, increase morale’s and encourage our industry members to work harder for increasing quality, raising industrial awareness and playing a crucial role for online marketing practices and technological innovation.

    Murray Newlands is one of our industry’s visionaries who can see the urgency of giving Affiliate Marketing a strong boost to grow more, reinforce quality, extend awareness, respect and credibility. Rewarding of industry members is a big bonus in order to get noticed by the public. There is nothing more important then being appreciated by the public, industry members and industry veterans.

    The Judges of The Affiliate Marketing Awards are composed of great entrepreneurs and forward thinking characters who are perfectly aware of all these points and the list is including:





    10_steve_hall_left-150x1504_oliverroup-150x1501 5_deborah_carney 6_photo-brian-copy2

    Industry Gurus are coming together

    • Shawn Collins (Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit),
    • Jay Weintraub (Founder of LeadsCon),
    •Joseph Morin (CEO & Co-Founder of Social Rewards),
    • Peter Bordes (Founder CEO and Chairman of the Board of MediaTrust),
    • Oliver Roup (Co-founder and CEO of VigLink),
    • Steve Hall (Co-founder of MarketingVOX, co-founder of the ad:tech),
    • Deborah Carney (Founder of Team Loxly a Personalized Affiliate Management and Consulting),
    • Brian Nelson (Chief Executive Officer of Trancos, Coreg Media and Adfish)

    To help our industry for growing on a strong foundation; either attend to this special Award Ceremony Night or share your talent with industry members and nominate your favorites to one of the award matching categories .

    The Judges will be voting on the nominees, and the finalists in each category will be announced to 12th of April 2011.

    Check out the Award Categories and Claim your Prize!

    • Best CPS Network
    • Best CPL Network
    • Best Coreg Network
    • Best Merchant Campaign
    • Best Agency
    • Best Affiliate Manager
    • Best Banners
    • Best Overall Affiliate
    • Content Affiliate
    • Best PPC Affiliate
    • Best Merchant Innovation
    • Best Affiliate Innovation
    • Best Sales Campaign
    • Best LeadGeneration Campaign
    • Best Mobile Campaign
    • Best use of Social Media
    • Best use of Data feeds
    • Best Third Party Tool
    • Best Marketing Affiliate Blog
    • Hottest Affiliate Manager
    • Hottest Affiliate

    Let’s carry on Affiliate Marketing Standards to the next level!

    Best of Luck:)

    Leveraging social media for online marketing or building up strong brand awareness campaigns becomes more important than ever. As Facebook’s and Twitter’s current success becomes more obvious, we have found ourselves into the land of new marketing opportunities. It is so true that online marketing will never be the same again. We need to get our gears up and ready for the next adventure of exploring the wild jungle of Social Media Marketing.


    Reading and researching for social media marketing is just one part of the story. What’s missing is the part regarding the real expert reviews, experiences and visions. Murray Newlands is one of the leading visionaries for opening up the Social Media Marketing pipeline and helping us to envision the future of online marketing. That’s why he dedicated himself for gathering up industry veterans all in one place and let them share their ideas and experiences together with us.


    His ambition for helping people to learn more about Social Media Marketing & Advertising and networking leads the way of his Conference Series. Now you have the chance to join one of his unique events in MIAMI, 30th SEPTEMBER


    Just let yourself go with the flow, enjoy learning more about Social Media and join the team of marketing experts to explore the latest tools and techniques for running effective social media marketing and advertising campaigns.Topics which will be covered include:

    • Insights into High Profile Viral Marketing Campaigns;
    • How to Leverage Social Media & Paid Search;
    • Location-Based Marketing Tips & Techniques;
    • How to Monitor & Manage Social Media via Email;
    • How to Create Highly Effective Ad Campaigns; Blogger Outreach & Marketing;
    • Tools and Trends to Watch in 2010

    A-list speaker list includes:

    For more information and tickets visit:

    Places are limited so early booking is advised
    ** Enter the discount code: affmeter to get an extra 10% off the ticket price **

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