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Performance Marketing Trade Shows are always the most powerful venues for establishing social networks, having empowered relations with your customers, getting acquainted by industry veterans, learning more about your business and business practices. Plus catching up with new developments and feeling the vivid organism of Affiliate Marketing industry gives you more motivation than you can ever imagine.


For any affiliate marketer (beginner/intermediate or pro) Affiliate Summit is a must go event.¬† Let me go over briefly how you will get the most during and after the “Affiliate Summit:

Outcome: You will meet countless affiliates, merchants, network members or agencies and develop your business further.

Tip1: Don’t be shy. Always turn every opportunity to your advantage for meeting up with new people. You can meet them while you are waiting at the Starbucks Coffee Queue, during and in between the sessions, at expo hall, meet market place, parties or walk ways. Don’t buy the common saying that “Being alone at Affiliate Summits sucks”. Instead I found it to my advantage to meet up with new people. I become more open to any conversation by being alone. If you consider my situation, I’ve only visited US once a year and I have no opportunity left but to talk, meet with new people and enjoy their friendship. This MOTTO always worked out very well and makes everything so much fun. If you like you can also join mentor program of Affiliate Summit!

Tip2: Introduce yourself and briefly explain what you are up to in terms of affiliate marketing business. Do not forget to exchange your business cards.

Tip3: Keep a small notebook with you to in order track down your acquaintances. Give reference to where you met, how you met and what you two talked about. If you don’t keep them as simple introductory notes, believe me when you get back to home, you can easily miss out an important acquaintance for the future of your business.

Tip4: Even you do not feel obliged to or thought that it’s not necessary, issue nice and simple business cards for yourself. You do not need to be designer; internet has penty of resources to get yourself a business card. Be sure to have lots of them.

Tip5: Establish links with some of the people even before you go to the Affiliate Summit. Many of the sponsors are waiting to meet with you at Expo Hall or Meet Market Place. Send them an e-mail and set up a suitable time to meet.


Tip6: Don’t expose yourself like a sales person or don’t be so pushy to build relations with new people. Be very polite and let the dialog between you and your acquaintances flows in its own natural course but be proactive whenever you feel its necessary.

Tip7: Exchange ideas and opinions with people and get a deeper insight and understanding about the industry. Join the conversations and sessions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the sessions or panels.

Check out what other affiliates are up to. This way you can analyze where the affiliate marketing trends are going and compare your position in affiliate marketing to get a wider picture of your business.

Tip8: When you get back to home, the most important thing is to ping an e-mails to the people that you have met during the Summit. This is a fresh start for keeping your relations alive and a good way to found a solemn relationship and friendship with your industry liaisons.

Tip9: Follow up any social gatherings, events or parties via Affiliate Summit web site or Abestweb Forum and do not hesitate make fun. Join Affiliate Summit’s social Website and get to know more people even before you arrive.

Tip10: Always wear comfortable shoes and clothing. I, by myself, always prefer to be on flats for avoiding aching feet and legs.

I hope that the above will help you to get the most out of Affiliate Summit!

By the way don’t forget to attend the Premier Affiliate Summit West taking place¬† January 17-19, 2010, in Las Vegas!



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