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PPC affiliates are working in a laboratory called “traffic generation“. Traffic Generation is a complete testing environment for relentless affiliates. Having talked about PPC search Engines,  always brings out the three most popular names:” Google, Yahoo, and Bing” However, it is not fair to think that all internet traffic is being generated by these three!  There are lots of good content sites, newspapers, blogs, information hubs, alternative ppc search engines, content networks and ad networks which produce quality traffic for different categories or niches.

This blog post is not going to reveal you a secret or hidden traffic resource which has yet uncovered. Instead it will remind you the alternative traffic resources which you have already known but won’t be convinced enough to try any one of them. My aim is to wake you up and let you see what is behind the curtains.

Christmas is approaching and almost here. Let’s take it to our advantage and believe that it is going to be a good start with new sources of traffic for generating new income streams. Besides many of those new traffic resources provide you with coupons or bonuses to start with.

Always keep in mind that the challenge is finding the most converting traffic for your niche. It is going to be a real life treasure hunt. After having done several tests, you are going to find your “Golden Duck” and keep it with you as your treasure. This is a personal experience involving your contribution, efforts and patience.  Paying Google Adwords’ non converting traffic cannot be a wise decision if you are running on a tight budget.

Instead of paying too much money on one or two media, starting as of today,  what you are going to do is just investing your time, intelligence and intution to find your converting traffic source which is going to be a perfect match for your audience and product.  And you are going to be surprised to see that how sustainable and long lasting this traffic source will be. For example pet products can be best converting in PPC Search Engine A, while clothing is at its pick conversion on PPC Search Engine B.

In this laboratory of yours, just produce your own formula. Now it’s not the time to play around with the big masses symbolized by Google but to search for specific areas where your audience exists.

In a nutshell, multiple PPC Search Engine approach has to be integrated into your affiliate marketing  strategies  along with other parameters of conversion train:

1.    Converting Affiliate networks
2.    Converting Merchants/Offers/Campaigns/Products/Coupons
3.    Converting Keywords
4.    Converting PPC Search Engines
5.    Converting Content Networks

The folllowing is  a list of 40 PPC Search Engines or Content Networks that is waiting for you to grab your opportunity of “Golden Duck”

  4. Adknowledge
  5. AdMarketPlace
  6. AdOn Networks
  7. Adside
  8. Adtech
  9. Adventive
  11. Affinity
  13. Bidvertiser
  15. Brainfox
  16. ChaCha
  17. Clickriver
  18. Clicksor
  19. easyAd USA Inc.
  21. Finditquick
  22. Findology
  23. Fox Networks
  24. GenieKnows
  28. LocalPages
  29. Looksmart
  30. Lycos
  32. Mirago
  33. Miva
  34. Nbc search
  35. Pulse 360
  36. Redz
  37. Search123
  38. Searchfeed
  40. Traffic Market Place


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