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I am working together with my husband since 1997 in different segments of internet. We have started with web design, development and customized web projects in our first company Utopya Visual Communications. We have built the very first English search engine for Turkey. Besides, we have created 6 different guides in order to promote Turkey. The project was called as “ Asiaminor – Expedition of the Grand Anatolia and it includes a city guide, Turkish music guide, cultural guide, travel guide, book store and business guide. In the year 2000 it was leased by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism for Expo 2000 Hannover as an online information provider of Turkey. We have achieved many sucessful projects for Turkish government and European funds in Turkey.

Since our son Can was born in 2003, we have started doing affiliate marketing in UK and US. This was a critical decision for us with the flexibility that it provided me to take care of my son.

Our affiliate marketing operations are extended to Australia and Canada nowadays and we are working with 30 different affiliate networks and thousands of merchants. My husband Fethi Gokce is an Adwords Proffessional and we are actively promoting merchants through Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva and Microsoft Adcenter.

In 2005, we have started developing Affmeter (www.affmeter.com) an “Automatic Revenue Consolidation Tool” for affiliate marketers. The idea sourced from our personal needs. We have experienced the time consuming process to get revenue statistics from multiple affiliate networks every day as the volume keeps on growing. We have colloborated with our software developer collegues Serhan Pocan and Ersin Celik. Combination of software development skills and marketing experience leads us to a solution called “Affmeter Pro”

Affmeter was first distributed in 2006 as a free version. As it becomes popular in UK (http://www.affiliates4u.com/forums/affiliate-marketing-moderators-choice/72043-affmeter-not-free-anymore.html), we have developed a professional version. Nowadays, there is only paid version avalaible at a reasonable price.

Affmeter LLC is a Delaware registered company and our team is constantly working on to develop it more and more. And our strategy is to expand into US market and gain more exposure, cover more networks as one of the most reliable solutions providers in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

By creating this blog, my aim is to share opinions on affiliate marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing, social networks, web 2.0, web3.0, web design, and gadgets . I hope that we can start fruitful conversations to increase intellectual capability of our minds and have some fun.


Firuze Okten Gokce


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