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We are all solo entrepreneurs who are living and controlling our adventures on our own. Yes, that’s right I’m describing an affiliate marketer.  But why not to cheer up a little bit and have some fun, network with all of the players of performance marketing industry, share and discuss opinions or create new business opportunities in an affiliate friendly environment?


If you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer that doesn’t matter, Affiliate Convention has a lot to offer for every type of attendant. The aim is to bring the actors of this industry together on every occasion possible and almost everywhere in US.  Only these events can help us to see who we are, how we can contribute each others business adventure and cooperate fully to produce more efficient solutions for our Performance Marketing Industry to flourish.

Pack your bag now and be in Denver Colorado on 17-20 June, 2009.

The Keynote Speakers for this event are Chris Jones (CEO PepperJam Network) and  Peter Bordes (Founder CEO MediaTrust) whose missions are to bring technological development and innovation spirit into Performance Marketing Industry.



Dan Boberg (VP, Advertiser Professional Services of Yahoo), Aunesty Jansen (Founder, Rosalind Gardner (Author of Super Affiliate Handbook), Graham Gochneaur (Chief Marketing Officer Clickbooth), Jivan Manhas (Founder – Head of Sales MediaTrust), Steven Richter (President Media Breakaway LLC), Shai Pritz (CEO Unique Leads), Evan Weber (CEO Experience Advertising), Jeremy Schoemaker (Founder, President Shoemoney), Heather Paulson (CEO Paulson Management Group), Jessie Jones (CEO Popshops) and Steve Schaffer (Founder & CEO Vertive, Inc., Publisher of are just a few names who are contributing to the sessions in Affiliate Convention.

There is also a Pre – Event Charity Golf Tournemant for the benefit of Performance Marketing Alliance.


WebmasterRadio.FM AFFILIATE BASH PARTY,  The Mile High Affiliate Pre-Event Party and Webmasters Pub Social are among the top social events to join.

While you are there, the most valuable asset with you is your business card. If you are a first time visitor for An Affiliate Event, bring as much business card as you can. Exchange them as much as possible in between coffee breaks, Sessions or Affiliate parties’.  Be active, kind and always smile to new people that you will meet. Tell them who you are but always be polite enough to listen who they are. Don’t be afraid of sharing your opinions. Plus ask questions during the sessions.

If you are going to join this one, I’m sure that you will be counting on the next one!


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