by Firuze Okten Gokce | 1:45 pm

There is no day left without hearing news about “Social Media” or the hypothetical tools to monetize “Social Media” web sites.  Although for advertising, affiliate marketing or performance marketing social media is bringing new opportunities to the scene, I think “Social Media” cannot be a suitable environment for providing monetization means. Instead Social Media is going to be a way to build brand names and brand awareness , create social capital and trust for individuals or corporate.

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Coincidentally my argument has found ground in the ideas of Bant Breen (Interpublic), Josh Stylman (Reprise Media), Raquel Krouse (Emerging Media Lab) and Brian Monahan (Universal McCann). They agreed the transformational effects of social media on consumers, marketers and corporate, but many did not actually find social media as an advertising platform. On the contrary, it is going to be an interaction platform among advertisers, agencies, and users with or without brands.

Internet is not all about cashing out and making profits. I think this is how we have to shape our future perception of internet. Yes internet has provided us with lots of fresh ways to monetize. For example “Search” becomes a commodity of this century which cannot be estimated years ago. However, Social Media is way to feed our hunger for information, communication and interaction.

This issue is still being discussed among affiliate marketers at from a different angle. The discussion is all about “Are Affiliate Links Unethical without Disclosure?” There are many different ideas about it which needs to be carefully examined. Let me share how I see the facts on this issue:

I think the dilemma is in our evaluation of Social Media tools. Social Media Tools are for communicating, sharing opinions or having debates. It is not necessary to find monetization models everything that we are consuming. (yes, it’s true for the developers of those platforms, there must be a way to survive) It is unnatural to try to promote something in 140 characters. However, if you are really believing in some product (not thousands of them) only then there is no harm to put any link which is an affiliate link or not.

The best thing about Twitter is the way it let us to find valuable resources and people. So Twitter cannot be constantly consumed as a revenue stream. Instead it is a place to talk and share just like we meet new people in any physical social environment.”


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