Relevantly Speaking:

One of the Industry’s Hottest Topics Discussion Platform.


John Jupp and his Fantastic Team is managing Affiliate programs and caring Affiliates at their best.

AM Navigator Affiliate Management:

Geno Prussakov Experienced and Talented Affiliate Manager. He is very good at taking care of his programs’ affiliates.

Carsten Cumbrowski

Great person who is caring for the whole industry and feeding us with new resources and ideas.


One of the most innovative and dynamic company in the Eco System of Performance Marketing

Affiliate Summit:

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward are doing a great show to gather all the players of Affiliate Marketing Industry.


Very useful resource to learn more about this industry and with highly talented bloggers.


Performance Marketing Alliance’s goal is to raise the visibility and credibility of performance marketing. PMA is very important for the quality and future of this industry.


Matthew Wood and his Team are great in gathering UK Affiliates together and talk in a loud voice. Thanks Matthew!!


Haiko is one of the great guys in this industry in opening up a world for Affiliates to be connected to each other and discuss.


Itay Paz is doing a good job in gathering Asian and European Affiliate Marketing Industry by a series of Affiliate Marketing Conferences.


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