by Firuze Okten Gokce | 10:55 am


Leveraging social media for online marketing or building up strong brand awareness campaigns becomes more important than ever. As Facebook’s and Twitter’s current success becomes more obvious, we have found ourselves into the land

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by Firuze Okten Gokce | 12:56 pm

Twitter, Facebook & Social Media: Where is the Future?

The mind blowing penetration of Social Media almost sounds like a revolutionary bell for online marketers. Challenging new ways of marketing adventure opens up tons of new methods and possibilities. However, I am more

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by Firuze Okten Gokce | 1:45 pm

Social Media: Can We Monetize It or Not?

There is no day left without hearing news about “Social Media” or the hypothetical tools to monetize “Social Media” web sites.  Although for advertising, affiliate marketing or performance marketing social media is bringing new

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