by Firuze Okten Gokce | 12:45 pm

Affmeter and Mediatrust has just announced their strategic partnership for boosting Advaliant’s Publisher’s performance over their affiliate marketing operations.



Affmeter is a Performance Analytic Tool to help affiliates and publishers to track their commissions, clicks and EPC statistics automatically. Affiliates/publishers can set up their network accounts along with Google Adwords accounts and check out their performance in net revenue terms. Affmeter Pro supports affiliates by multiple reporting capabilities.

Affiliates is going to

  • See Overall Performance Statistics appeared as Commission, Clicks and EPC and network revenue share


  • Top Revenue generating Merchants/Offers


  • Poor Revenue generating Merchants/Offers


  • Google Adwords Reports with peer to peer matching of associated merchants


  • Compare revenue and click statistics over time


  • Check out detailed merchant graphics over time
  • Collect past performance data
  • Customize merchants’ data that they would like to watch

Affmeter Team has been committed itself for developing cutting edge solutions for Affiliate Marketing and keen to add new networks and features into Affmeter.

Peter Bordes, CEO of MediaTrust says of the relationship: “MediaTrust is pleased to offer the Advaliant platform’s reporting to Affmeter’s customers. Affmeter is a great tool for affiliates, making aggregated affiliate marketing data available on a single platform. We are pleased to be a part of Affmeter’s network.”

MediaTrust is acceppted as one of the most innovative platform creators for publishers in Performance Marketing Industry. MediaTrust’s revolutionary approach and dedicated support services are the strongest points in their success. As a member of Performance Marketing Alliance, MediaTrust would like to carry this mission and spread it all around the actors of Performance Marketing Industry.

CEO of Affmeter Firuze Okten Gokce says that “Affmeter is so pleased to join forces with MediaTrust which is one of the most dynamic and visionary actors of Performance Marketing Industry. Both Affmeter’s and MediaTrust’s Culture is to support affiliates’ needs and enhance their by combining the efficiency and productivity criterias. In the long run our mutual aim is to highlight this industry by innovative technologies to empower overall online marketing activities”


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