by Firuze Okten Gokce | 10:45 am

For launching a succesful PPC campaign, an affiliate must plan a well established division and balance in between different merchants and different PPC Search Engines. Let me go over the simple logic of building a strong PPC campaign. I know that it will sound familiar to you but my intention is to focus on these points and attract your attention once more.

1.  First of all take a sample group of merchants. The categories of those merchants could be multiple. It all depends on how do you feel about them.

2. Prepare your keywords to promote them in different PPC search engines. Every PPC search engine has its own value, demography, traffic volume, etc. Performance and conversion concepts are relative values for PPC Search Engine.  It is going to be an adventure for you to find out which engines are doing better under which categories. After all, this is your own PPC Laboratory!

3. Find revenue generating merchants. Even more, on which PPC Search Engines they are doing well is another critical point.

4. Check out  which keywords are converting into sales for those merchants.

5. Produce derivatives of the best performing keywords and set up new campaigns for those keywords at their  best performing PPC Search Engines. Please always remember the “Split and Track Motto” for your keyword campaigns.

Just keep in mind that, if you do not clear on preparing plans for promoting merchants, you just get lost around millions of products and thousands of merchants. It does not matter how much simple anything seems, just think before going forward and plan just like the way I did by simplifying the whole process. When volume becomes an issue, masses of data and information distracts your attention.

I wish you all the success!


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