by Firuze Okten Gokce | 12:19 pm

Affmeter wins another strong partner “RevenueWire” and integrated RevenueWire Platform into the software Affmeter Pro by the version 2.00.046.


Basically this partnership is aiming to increase the performance of RevenueWire affiliates. By enabling them to easily check out the matching Adwords PPC costs of any campaigns they are running for RevenueWire merchants. Affmeter Pro is also unveiling RevenueWire affiliates the top commission generating merchants along with poor performing ones.

RevenueWire Affiliates can be more effective in taking measures to strengthen their campaigns or stop the existing ones and can be more productive by saving their time and investing their energy and labor into other projects or new campaigns.


RevenueWire Affiliates can also make performance comparisons along with other affiliate networks by using Affmeter Pro.  Monitoring some of the merchants whose campaigns have been opened up recently gives the RevenueWire affiliate a privilege to control his/her performance before making losses if any.

RevenueWire is a Pay- Per-Sale Affiliate Network partnering with top converting digital products.  Affiliates can find themselves in a very friendly environment of support team who are dedicated themselves to support affiliates at every stage.  RevenueWire team is always ready to provide affiliates with tutorials, tips and tricks, SEO and PPC articles. Whether you are a beginner or a Pro does not matter, there is always something for you.

You can check out the Demo Video of Affmeter to see how you can easily check out your affiliate network commissions and match them with the corresponding Adwords PPC costs to analyze your net revenue.


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