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Shawn Collins who is one of the Co founders of Affiliate Summit has years of experience in affiliate marketing together with Missy Ward. Their insights and leadership channel a new way of sharing their experience since 2003. Its the well known Trade Show “Affiliate Summit“. Personally I always appreciate their true, kind and sincere attitude for affiliates, merchants, affiliate networks and agencies. They are always putting their heart and soul into what they are doing.  Today I am so glad to announce that Missy and Shawn have provided a 10% discount rate for the attendees of Affiliate Summit West 2010. Just using the special coupon code ASW10AFFMETER while registering, will help you out for increasing your understanding of affiliate marketing industry.


Unlike last year ASW 2009, there are two key-note speakers: Dr. Robert Cialdini who is the author of best seller books in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation and Brian Clark who is the author of and owner of many successful internet ventures producing millions of dollars in sales.

If you look at the educational sessions running on during the Show, you will be amazed by their extent of coverage for affiliate marketing, Social Media, blogging and SEO issues.

Here is a quick list of the Sessions. Just check them out and you will get surprised to see that the topics addressed are really the ones that you are searching for the answers:
1.    A Primer On Search Engine Optimization
2.    Effective Social Media Techniques
3.    Increase Search Revenue While Protecting Your Brand
4.    Merchant Challenges in the Affiliate Space
5.    Monetizing Blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO
6.    MommyBloggers: Changing the Face of Affiliate Marketing?
7.    Using Pay-Per-Call to Grow Affiliate Programs
8.    Affiliate Program Case Studies: Strategies and Practices
9.    Start Monetizing Your Blog Today
10.    Video: Biggest Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Since Google
11.    20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid
12.    De-Duping: the Great Unknown in Affiliate Marketing
13.    Five Reasons Why SEO Efforts Fail
14.    Product Datafeeds: The Next Level
15.    Law Enforcement Risks for Advertisers, Affiliates, Networks
16.    Affiliate Marketing by the Numbers
17.    Self-Promotion Will Save The World
18.    Killer Facebook Advertising Tactics
19.    Running a Network: Business, Legal & Practical
20.    Affiliate Program Compliance: Working with the Networks
21.    SEO Site Review/Clinic
22.    Oprah, Flogs and FTC: Hot Topics 2010
23.    CPA Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in Europe
24.    Ask the Experts
25.    Site Clinic by the Women of SEO
26.    Scaling Article Marketing For Affiliate Marketers
27.    Coupon Problem Solving Clinic
28.    E-Commerce Site Deconstruction: Strategies for Affiliates
29.    How To Get Motivated For Success!
30.    Igniting Viral Campaigns by Creating Relevant Conversations
31.    Creating Lasting Publisher and Advertiser Relationships
32.    Using Thought Leadership to Generate Leads
33. Live!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your discount code ASW10AFFMETER, register and claim your seat at Affiliate Summit!



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